UNIJAPAN JFDB [Japanese Film Database] Quiz - New Year 2018 - Results Announcement

Thank you to those who participated in our quiz:

Question: Which film released in Japan in the past two years (2016 & 2017) had the most number of visitors on its English JFDB [Japanese Film Database] page last year?
Correct Answer: Her Love Boils Bathwater

There were so many people from different countries who wrote in your name.
Unfortunately, it was an incorrect answer. Since there were no entries that had the correct answer, this time we selected the winners of the quiz at random from all entries. The 10 winners will be notified by e-mail regarding where to send their Japanese Film 2017.

Japanese-film fans seem to seek out Her Love Boils Bathwater on JFDB as a type of well-crafted film that may not be as wildly popular as the anime blockbuster, but is still definitely worth checking out. One interesting statistic: there are more access to its page from the Philippines than from Japan or anywhere else.

We're planning to run a next round of JFDB [Japanese Film Database] Quiz soon. So, don't miss it!